"The most motivating ingredient for business is our DREAMS: they make us believe, fight and develop our projects. Therefore, success is the immediate consequence of the dedication in order to make our dream come true. In Elegance, what motivates us the most is being part of the women’s dreams and participating intimately in the happiness of each one of them."

Eliane Mägnan – CEO

The history of the company, founded on March 25, 1993 in Serra Gaucha, in the town called Guaporé / RS (located 220 km from the capital of the province, Porto Alegre) is also a part of the history of contemporary women.
Its founder, Eliane Mägnan, daughter of farmers, noticed since young, the needs of the new generation of women of the 90s. At the age of 13 she began to work, and when she was 17 she set up her first business to pay for her studies.
It was then, when Elegance was born, in the scenario when women finally joined the labor market. Twenty years after its foundation, the company has more than 130 employees among creation, commercial, administrative and crafts teams, with highly qualified artisans to develop every detail of the products.
Back then, production was limited to 500 units / month, and it was only of panties and bras. Three years later, production had already been expanded to 6,000 units a month. Today, as the company is future oriented and ready for market challenges, Elegance has an industrial structure with capacity to produce 250 thousand units / month, i.e, 3 million pieces of underwear a year.
Elegance products are sold across the whole country in more than 500 multi-brand shops, including the international market. The experience gained from the exports was essential to improve the quality of our products worldwide.
Based on this motivating reality, the product development team makes permanent investments to qualify the products following international standards and quality criteria. Today, Elegance lingeries reach very demanding women on the five continents.
Due to the fast development of businesses and the challenges for continued growth, Elegance guides its operations through the development of medium and long-term strategic plans, with the following guidelines:


To create and develop products for the female universe that awaken the vanity, the sensuality, the intimacy, the desire and the emotions of the women.


To sell distinguished products and services with quality, establishing and maintaining partnerships with the market, supporting our professionals and ensuring the desired profitability.


To be the favorite brand.


- Teamwork
- Ethics
- Innovation