For over 20 years producing women’s underwear, recognized for its distinguished collections, fashion trends and its products throughout Brazil, Elegance gives the women who love its lingerie the opportunity of also taking part in the profits of the business.

Wishing to be closer to women all over Brazil, the brand has became a franchise, a consolidated kind of business in the country, safe for the franchisor and franchisees, and which allows fast growth, this way, being always closer to the women who choose Elegance. With already four shops, Elegance seeks its expansion mainly in the South and Southeast of Brazil. The brand has three different models of franchises, framed according to the size of the store.

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Small Store – At the Mall

Rio Grande/RS: Partage Shopping Mall - +55 53 3036.2817

Medium Store - At the Mall

Porto Alegre/RS: Bourbon Ipiranga - +55 51 3339.0409

Medium Store - At the Mall

Porto Alegre/RS: Bourbon Wallig - +55 51 3095.2500

Large Store – Shop

Guaporé/RS: St. Guilherme Mantese - +55 54 3443.5100